The Basics

Earn up to $50/day by sharing your car* while you traveling.

Plus, get free parking and a car wash!

*Must be 2010 or newer & have less than 100k miles

How It Works

We share your car with incoming travelers, you get paid. You just drop off the keys, we handle the rest!

Book your spot and share your car at Denver International Airport:

  1. Tell us your car’s availability

  2. Enter your promo code: Promo25 for a $25 bonus

  3. Enter your contact info

  4. Click ‘Book Now’, that’s it!

You’ll get a confirmation email shortly after booking. If you have any questions or issues please call (720) 504-0880 or check out our FAQs. 


Reserve Your Spot

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We Know What You’re Thinking…


I have an old car… can I still share it?

We require all cars to be made in 2010 or after, have less than 100,000 miles, and be in good condition.

How do you ensure my car is taken care of?

We make sure everyone who drives your car has a current and valid driver’s license. We also do a detailed inspection and take photos before and after every trip. All cars are outfitted with monitoring device so we can know where your car is at all times.

What happens if my car is in an accident?

We’ll handle the claims process, repair and reimbursement. Allstate’s million dollar policy will cover just about anything that could happen to your car while you’re gone.

How much money will I make?

That depends on a lot, so we can’t give you an exact number. However, most sedans can make around $20/day, while larger SUVs and some luxury vehicles earn their owners anywhere from $30-$50/day.

Is my car going to be ready for me when I come back?

Of course! Plus, it’ll be clean and ready to drive when you return. Your car will only be shared during the dates that you’re traveling.

You’re sure it’s free to park on the Drift lot?

Absolutely, you’re sharing your car with us! If your car gets borrowed by an incoming traveler, you earn money. If not, you’ll still come back to $0 in parking and a clean car!