Drift - Free Parking and Car Sharing at Denver International Airport v2

Fly out of DIA
and make up to
$350 a week

Drift, protected by Allstate, is a new car sharing service at Denver International Airport that connects people who have cars with travelers who want to borrow a car.

*Earnings based on a seven-day trip with average cars earning $25-$50/day based on vehicle’s make, model, and mileage. Actual earnings subject to change.


Earn Money + $0 in Parking Fees

Parking at the airport can cost you up to $125 for a five-day trip. Parking with Drift is always free, plus you earn money if your car is shared.

We Take Care of Your Car

Keeping your car in great shape is our priority which is why we provide a steam-clean car wash, pre- and post-trip inspection, and limit cars to 150 miles/day to reduce wear and tear.

Every Drift car is Protected by Allstate

While on Drift, your car is covered by $1 million in liability insurance and 24/7 customer support so you can travel with peace of mind.


"I tried Drift this past weekend for a trip to NYC and it was exactly as advertised. Better, in fact. I'd recommend them and will definitely use Drift again."

-Mark B. on Facebook


Claim Your Spot Now to Share & Earn Money!
Drift only accepts 20 parking reservations a day.

Step 1
Provide your drop-off and pick-up dates and times.

Step 2
Enter your contact info

Step 3
Confirm your reservation

You’ll get a confirmation email shortly after booking. If you have any questions or issues please call (720) 504-0880 or check out the commonly asked questions.

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What you might be wondering

I have an old car… can I still share it?

We require all cars to be made in 2010 or after, have less than 125,000 miles, and be in good condition.

How do you ensure my car is taken care of?

  1. We make sure everyone who drives your car has a current and valid driver’s license as well as a good driving record.

  2. We also do a detailed inspection and take photos before and after every trip.

  3. All cars are outfitted with monitoring device so we can know where your car is at all times.

What happens if my car is in an accident?

Allstate will handle the claims process, coordinate repairs and provide reimbursement. Allstate’s million dollar policy will cover just about anything that could happen to your car while you’re gone.

You’re sure it’s free to park on the Drift lot?

Absolutely, you’re sharing your car with us! If your car gets borrowed by an incoming traveler, you earn money. If not, you’ll still come back to $0 in parking and a clean car!

How are tolls handled?

All tolls are paid for by the driver of your vehicle when they are incurred. If a driver does not pay a toll, you will be notified and the driver will be charged.


What happens if I forget to remove my personal items?

Don’t worry, we’ll store them in a safe place on the Drift lot and put them back where we found them when you return.

How much money will I make?

You can expect to earn about $25/day from a small to mid-sized sedan. Larger SUVs, Mini-vans, and luxury vehicles can earn up to $50/day.

Is my car going to be ready for me when I come back?

Of course! Plus, it’ll be clean and ready to drive when you return. Your car will only be shared during the dates that you’re traveling.

What if my car isn’t ready when I come back?

In the off chance a driver does not return your vehicle at the designated time, we’ll make multiple attempts to contact them to see what the issue is. If the vehicle is not returned on time, and we’re unable to contact the driver, we will alert the police, the vehicle owner, and Allstate Claims. Drift will ensure alternative transportation is provided if needed.

Can someone smoke in my car?

No, drivers are not allowed to smoke in your vehicle. If a driver smokes in your car, the Drift team will remove the scent during the inspection process. If the scent cannot be removed, Drift will provide you with $150 and a list of shops that can professionally remove the scent for you.


We are located at the
USAirport parking lot:

From Pena Blvd. and Tower Road

1.Take the left onto East 81st Avenue
2. Enter the main entrance
3. Take the ticket to enter
4. Follow the Drift signs to the right to check in with us

We have free Drift shuttles to all terminals that depart every 10 mins.