Drift - Free Parking and Car Sharing at Denver International Airport v2

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What you might be wondering

How much does it cost to park on the Drift lot? 

Absolutely nothing. If your car is shared, you earn money. If not, you’ll still come back to $0 in parking and a clean car!

How do I know my car is safe? 

All of our drivers are vetted in advance by Drift and must have a valid driver’s license. We also have monitoring services that let us know where your car is at all times.


Is my car going to be ready for me when I come back?

Yes, it will be clean and ready to drive when you return. Your car will only be shared during the timeframe in which you’re away.

How does Insurance work? 

Every trip on Drift is covered with $1 million in liability coverage under a commercial policy from Allstate. Your personal auto policy will not be affected.